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Pancreatitis often caused by gallstones – also statins increase risk

Idiopathic pancreatitis is often caused by small gallstones that are difficult to observe prior to surgery, shows a study from the University of Eastern Finland. Small gallstones were found in surgery from two out of three idiopathic pancreatitis patients. The study also showed that acute pancreatitis was more common in statin users than non-users. » […]

Weight-loss surgery cuts risk of developing serious heart problems, study shows

Bariatric (weight-loss) surgery can reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions such as heart attacks and type 2 diabetes, as well improve existing conditions, according to a new study published in PLOS Medicine. » Read more Source: Science Daily

New study shows balloon in a capsule helps patients lose nearly twice as much weight than diet, exercise and lifestyle therapy alone

Patients with obesity who swallowed gas-filled balloon capsules designed to help them eat less, lost 1.9 times more weight than patients who relied on diet, exercise and lifestyle therapy alone, according to new research. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Same-admission cholecystectomy halves gallstone pancreatitis rehospitalization

Patients hospitalized for gallstone-associated acute pancreatitis were less likely to be readmitted within 30 days if they underwent same-admission cholecystectomy, according to a nationwide retrospective analysis presented at ACG 2016. » Read more Source: Healio

Excess weight in women has different effects on different types of stroke

Women who are overweight or obese may have an increased risk of the most common kind of stroke, called ischemic stroke, but a decreased risk of a more often deadly stroke, called hemorrhagic stroke, new research shows. » Read more Source: Science Daily

History of gallstones may signal higher risk of heart disease

People who have had gallstone disease are more likely than others to develop coronary heart disease, according to a large analysis of past studies. » Read more Source: Fox News

Surgical Options for Gallbladder Disease

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal, or cholecystectomy, is the mainstay of surgical treatment of gallbladder disease. This minimally invasive approach is safer than open abdominal surgery. Still, even less invasive options—including those without any incisions at all—are being studied and used in some teaching medical centers. » Read more Source: Health After 50

Colocutaneous Fistula after Open Inguinal Hernia Repair

The plug-and-patch technique is frequently used for the open repair of inguinal hernias; however, serious complications may arise on rare occasions. We present the case of a 69-year-old patient who presented with a colocutaneous fistula with the sigmoid colon 9 years after the repair of a left sliding inguinal hernia with the plug-and-patch technique. » […]

What Does a Gallbladder Attack Feel Like?

Gallbladder symptoms include sudden pain in your abdomen or back, nausea, sweating, fever, and chills. » Read more Source: University Health News

Men should get checked for hernias

When you’re experiencing discomfort in your groin, it can be concerning and at times, even embarrassing. It’s the reason so many men fail to seek out necessary preventive care and sometimes even urgent care. » Read more Source:


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